Themed dining experiences in Vilamoura, Algarve

Themed and set dining

Join us on an international adventure throughout the week as we serve up a selection of themed buffets from around the world; Our new Head Chef is simply superb! (Available June - September).

Chicken Rotisserie Menu

Available every evening

Choose just how hungry you are and pick your chicken portion size, the type of sauce and what delicious sides you'd like alongside too. The perfect choice to share!

Italian Menu


Our new Head Chef never fails to cook up a fabulous Italian feast. From homemade pasta,  to delicious pizzas with a fantastic selection of toppings.  Don't forget to try the irresistible  traditional Italian desserts too. With live music entertainment from Luis Trindale.  June - September 2024.

BBQ Menu


Relish a smoky, savoury BBQ feast, with tender meats sizzling on the grill and a medley of tangy sauces enhancing every flavourful bite.  Available June - September 2024.

Sea Menu


Choose from an array of freshly caught fish and seafood, artfully prepared by our New Head Chef to highlight the vibrant flavours of the ocean with live music entertainment from Jorge Loureiro.  Available June - September 2024.

Brazilian Menu


Enjoy our vibrant Brazilian feast, with succulent grilled meats and fish served with rich flavours of traditional side dishes and delicious desserts.  With music entertainment from Eternal Life. Available June to September 2024.

Indian Curry Menu


Indulge in a fragrant Indian curry feast, served in a variety of richly spiced sauces that burst with vibrant flavours and aromatic herbs.  With live music entertainment from the Tillerman Band.  June - September 2024.

Portuguese Menu


You'll find traditional Portuguese delicacies, from land to sea.

Sunday Roast Menu


Enjoy a hearty Sunday roast, with tender slices of beef, crispy roast potatoes, and an array of traditional accompaniments.  June - September 2024.

Our dining experiences often fill up fast, so we recommend booking ahead to make sure you get a table.

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